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Porkchop's Twin Engine Dragster By GMP

Porkchop's Twin Engine Dragster By GMP



It was another of them old Pine Sap Georgia days that was hotter than a two dollar pistol at Ivan Watson’s Pawn Shop; and as usual it never kept Pork Chop and Buddy from keepin’ busy buildin’ horsepower and hot rods.Why I think business seemed to triple over the last couple weeks ever since they built that fire breathin’ bird that ol’ Pork used to make his “special deliveries” The sheriff still looks a little pale from what happened a little while back... “All we gotta do is knock down that ol’ chicken coupe an we can build onto the shop right quick!” Buddy yelled as he wiped the sweat off the back of his neck. Pork turned off the old welder his Pappy left him long ago and flipped the welding mask up. He had a look that would make a cup of sugar go wormy. “I wanna show ya somethin’ Buddy, somethin’ that I ain’t never shown ya before about that hen house.” Ol’ Pork has never been much for showin’ emotions but Buddy caught a glimpse of a tear out the corner of his daddy’s eye. For some reason that old coop held a spot dear to ol’ Pork’s heart… Buddy helped PC pull open the rusty hinged double doors that just about fell apart as they opened. After the cloud of dust and old feathers settled, PC moved some old planks, pulled the cobwebs away and Buddy saw what looked to be a roll bar, a parachute, an 2 big ol’ racin’ slicks. Buddy’s eyes grew to the size of silver dollars as they started pulling what Buddy thought was just an old tractor outta the chicken coupe until he saw the two massive huffers mounted atop an engine! That aint no tractor”, Buddy said. Pork just looked at him funny , “How many tractors you know that gotta use a drag chute?” As they dusted off more of that iron, the hair on the back of Buddy’s neck rose up and he knew right away what his Paw was showin’ him... There's more to the story on this monster. You have to see it to believe it. This dragster is a firebreathin monster! Features included working throttle linkage that opens up those 6 red inlets, functional steering, real rubber tires, perfect rust primer paint with a special XXX fuel tank for that 200 proof fuel. This is a must have for any dragster fan. Pork Chop has not disappointed in this one! This GMP DIE CAST METAL REPLICA is a LIMITED EDITION release of ONLY 1,000 UNITS, Dated 2007, and it is “NEW IN THE BOX”. Inventory says only TWO left in stock.

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